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Workflow and case management

By developing flexible and compliant systems that manage the process, we help business teams focus on what they do best. Information, options and support for every task – all in one place.

Nothing happens before we first understand everything that makes an organisation tick - processes, compliance, contact points and stakeholders.

Support for every area

Our system allows clients to manage processes effectively - whether they’re a government department processing secure citizen data, a charity fund awarding grant money, an accounts team tracking debt, an insurance company managing the claims on a policy, or a growing business seeking meaningful management information.

  • Investigation
  • Debt management 
  • Grant management 
  • Customer care 
  • Fraud management
  • Dispute management
  • Case management
  • Citizen services
  • Care 
  • Audit and assessment

Information in one place

With secure and controlled access to information, powerful search and filtering tools, and advanced template-building features, our system improves efficiency.

Out of the Inbox

Drag and drop functionality and a comprehensive set of rules-based usability features help ensure emails can be filed correctly to provide relevant information about contacts and processes.

Automates processing

Support for process automation of known workflow scenarios and ad hoc evolutionary processes. Our system ensures users are presented with the right information and options at any time.

Operational overview

Flexible out-of-the-box management information tools deliver an always-on operational view, performance metrics and the insight required for continuous improvement.

Understand relationships

Our case management system tracks all relationships between individuals, departments and organisations for a complete view and a full audit trail.

Easy to use

A sophisticated user-interface ensures the right case information, options and support is provided at the right time to perform any task effectively.

Workflow and case management helps remove the barriers that stop your teams focusing on their core work activities.

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