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We combine proven specialisms with unrivalled knowledge to design, develop and market innovative tools and applications for today’s complex world. From data compliance and content management to workflow and collaborative learning, our range of flexible and scalable solutions help clients focus on their core activities.

cookie control

Cookie Control - GDPR compliance

Our Cookie Control tool is GDPR, LGPD and CCPA compliant, simple and intuitive, and puts users in control. It stops cookies being placed on a user’s device until they give explicit consent.

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User-generated content engine

Ffora is a flexible and scalable solution that empowers online communities to collaborate, create content and share resources.

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Workflow and case management

Our flexible and compliant systems place information, options and support in one place to help business teams focus on core activities.

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Learning management systems

Our learning management platform uses gamification and social reputation mechanics to enhance training, learning and knowledge-sharing.

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