Hunter Adams

Repositioning award winning HR Consultants to market leaders

Harnessing the power of your people to help businesses grow

Hunter Adams offers commercial, no nonsense HR support to help clients grow their businesses by ensuring that their people are engaged and motivated to deliver. In 2016, we teamed up with RRDCreative to develop a new website that would reposition Hunter Adams as market leaders and have more of an impact on their business for generating new client leads.

User friendly, intuitive admin interface and engaging content

The new design aimed to introduce large people focussed images to convey the personality of the business and offer clear areas to best position the content. With multiple ways in which a user could engage with the business, the new website helps to guide the user through the rich information available, and to a point of easy contact and further engagement.

We were responsible for turning this design direction into reality. This involved extending the open source CMS Wordpress, and developing custom interfaces for the content editors to easily create varied, attractive, and fully responsive layouts for each page. Custom field options and pre-set theme styles offered this in a robust and reliable manner, allowing content editors to focus on the quality of information without worrying about presentational issues.

Hosting, Support And Beyond

We have an on-going hosting, maintenance, and support contract with Hunter Adams, allowing us to work closely with them towards improving functionality, performance and user experience.

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