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Helping young people become entrepreneurs

In this first post covering our EU projects, we’ll talk about how we’re working with Erasmus+ to help young people become entrepreneurs.

Helping 19-35 year olds set up online businesses

At CIVIC, we specialise in digital strategies, and Boost4Youth aims to help young people aged 19-35 become digital entrepreneurs and set up online businesses! We’ve developed personal strategies and our end goal is to help young online business people increase their cross border sales.

We kicked the project off in September in sunny Nicosia, Cyprus and over the next 20 months, we'll deliver:

  • A training course based on a set of competences (ECVET) to support young people in managing online sales.
  • An interactive tool to assist with personalising this training. The tool checks current knowledge and awareness of young business owners and then provides them with a strategy, broken down into easy to follow phases, so that they can improve at their own pace.
  • Training events in 5 of our partner countries, including the UK, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece and Poland.
  • A virtual space, we’ve named the Boost4Youth Academy, which will host a network of mentors and coaches across Europe, who will continue to maintain and develop the projects well beyond our objectives. 

Stay tuned to find our more about another of our EU projects; Managing online addiction in a digital world. 

If you want to hear more and would like to be involved in this project, please get in touch.