Scottish Qualifications Authority

A continual programme of improvement and innovation since 2001.

We’re SQA’s Digital Solutions Provider

SQA is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland. They work in partnership with industry, universities, colleges and schools to provide high quality, flexible and relevant qualifications and assessments; embedding industry standards where appropriate. We’ve created and maintained an effective and informative web presence for the SQA and their suite of websites since 2001, providing:

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Understanding users

Each project delivered for the SQA follows our user-centric design approach, ensuring that user needs are considered at every stage of the project.

During the planning phase, we’ve conducted user research with a representation of SQA's users. We've done this in a number of ways, including focus groups, surveys, 1-2-1 interviews, telephone interviews, user journey analysis, card sorting, usability/accessibility testing and expert usability reviews.

As we move to the design phase, we've tested our wireframes, design concepts and IA with a representation of users to validate and ensure that our solution meets their needs.

Finally, and as progress onto the development phase of SQA projects, we’ve conducted a final round of usability testing, usually remote testing, again to ensure that user needs are addressed and to allow for any modifications before launch. 

We've also developed a number of applications with features for users, including:

15 Years of Innovation

In order to enable innovation, we continually analyse, review and feedback on project and user needs. This has given rise to some fantastic open source solutions that we have developed for the SQA and other clients, including Cookie Control, Content Control CMS and Ffora Commenting Platform.

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