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The challenge

In the increasingly regulated and competitive world of insurance, Scottish firm Longevitas have earned a global reputation for developing sophisticated software for analysing and modelling demographic risk for insurers, reinsurers, investment banks and consulting actuaries. With insurers now prohibited from using gender to assess risk, many other factors must be taken into account, including a person’s age, marital status, occupation, location, and illness history. For Longevitas, handling huge volumes of sensitive data required not only an accessible and scalable storage solution but also unparalleled levels of security.

The process

CIVIC delivered a custom solution for Longevitas that provides the level of accessibility, scalability and security required – all within a ISO 27001 hosting environment. At the heart of the solution is a secure, highly encrypted VPN, which provides multi-tier firewalling and protection from intrusion. Access to the data is tightly controlled, and physical and virtual computers are constantly monitored for security breaches. All data is backed up on double-encrypted storage media and archived offsite.

The results

Longevitas has achieved the robust data storage and security levels their clients demand (virtual machines partition the data to isolate one client from another). Bandwidth, capacity and availability is constantly balanced to provide scalability as well as continuity should hardware failure cause a loss of service. CIVIC continues to provide support and maintenance, including hosting tasks, hardware maintenance, systems monitoring and diagnostics. We’re also working with the Longevitas team to develop and support their Java-based suite of products.