ISO-27001 certified hosting for Parcelforce - UK's leading courier and logistics service

ParcelForce have a number of ancillary sites for particular client offerings and required a partner to host these sites on ISO-27001 certified servers, where private hosting and redundancy are tolerant to individual failures. Since the sites are high-visibility, we needed to be confident our solution is as reliable and secure as possible, with the sites themselves being able to withstand a wide number of network-based attacks.

DDOS protection and security

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) mitigation protects sites from most internet-mounted attacks that cross the firewalls. Each site is hosted on an individual, sandboxed container running on this private hardware. The containers are trivially scalable and can be moved among servers transparently when hardware maintenance is required.

They also isolate each site from others. Three tiers of firewalling provide basic intrusion security used for security, of which only one tier is within the container itself.

Monitoring and backups

Daily encrypted backups provide additional security. The health of servers, containers and software are monitored 24×7 using multiple, overlapping monitoring and diagnostic software.