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Cookie Control v9 released

CIVIC is announcing the release of Cookie Control v9. Existing subscribers of Cookie Control v8 may upgrade for free!

V9 of Cookie Control will be available for the plugins of Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal the last week of April.

Please see below the main changes of Cookie Control v9 PRO:

  • Support for IAB TCFv2.0
  • Support for CCPA including 'Do not sell my personal information' link and state level Geolocation detection
  • Cookie Control can work in either GDPR or CCPA mode based on the visitor's location
  • Added control for the behaviour of "Accept" buttons. They now default to accepting all cookies
  • Added locale property so that the selected locale is customisable
  • Added property to determine whether acceptAll and/or rejectAll buttons are displayed
  • Added changeCategory function, to change consent of a cookie category to a particular state
  • Added new box option for the initialState property
  • Added sameSiteCookie property to control whether SameSite:Strict is set to the CookieControl cookie
  • Local addresses API key support for easier development and testing
  • Accessibility improvements and bug fixes
  • Ability to select if the window will close or remain open after the user clicks on either of the global accept or reject buttons
  • Extended the branding configuration with the option to customise the reject buttons

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