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With 16 years experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and can easily work within existing structures, procedures and budgets to provide innovative end-to-end digital solutions that improve user experience and the quality of care received.

Our work covers a wide variety of audiences and our services include understanding the needs of each audience with user research and UX design, through to application development, systems integration, hosting and support.

Clients include:

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Accessibility is at the heart of our inclusive digital strategy

Our digital solutions are centred around properly understanding the user and putting forward an inclusive digital strategy that empowers everyone - regardless of their browsing software, connectivity, or personal ability. Accessible, usable content is at the heart of everything we do.

By taking a mobile first approach, we are able to prioritise the most essential content and create interfaces that focuses on the core business goals, addressing constraints such as small screen size, low bandwidth and varying types of input controls, to ensure the user experience is consistently meaningful and rewarding.

Committed to Open Source Technology

We’ve supported the National Health Service's (NHS) movement to open source technology and have a wealth of experience delivering secure, reliable solutions using open source languages and tools.

Over the last two decades we have delivered numerous large scale sites and systems using community lead CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress; and are keen to further the open source ethos by releasing our own products under open source licenses. These include our Java based CMS Content Control, Cookie Control for compliance with online privacy legislation, and Ffora commenting platform.

Innovative video solution for learning and development

One of our most recent innovations includes the delivery of a video learning tool for NHS Glasgow. TheMedvu surgery recording platform is based on open source technology and is an invaluable learning platform used to record surgeries live in the operating theatre, using a number of different cameras to capture all angles.

The recorded footage then gets indexed and optimised for delivery over the web and is available for medical students to review via a closed portal, accessible only through the NHS network.

The system allows students to create their own collections of procedures and the multiple view angles gives them a unique perspective of each procedure.

Offering you a full digital service

With experts in user research, website design, development, and systems integration; we can offer you a full digital service right through to hosting and support.

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