We offer secure, scalable hosting for Cyclopolis' Bike Sharing Systems in Europe

Cyclopolis runs an internet-based rent-a-bicycle service using dozens of fully automated, custom-designed rental kiosks across a number of cities. These rental kiosks communicate with a central internet-based service for authentication, authorisation and credit card charging. The kiosks use wireless connection, requiring only a connection to the power grid.

Scalable ISO27001 hosting

Cyclopolis required a robust scalable hosting platform that would allow them to deploy their server side infrastructure for their automated bike rental kiosks. Each kiosk needed to have an encrypted connection to the server as personal data would be exchanged.

Customised, highly encrypted VPN

Each remote kiosk communicates with the central services via custom, highly-encrypted and compressed Virtual Private Networks.

Since most kiosks are in remote areas and communicate over insecure, unreliable 3G or 4G connections, the VPNs are designed to withstand low-bandwidth, low-reliability conditions, as well as vandalism of the kiosks and their software

The central service is hosted on our infrastructure using a combination of physical and virtual private servers on a bespoke networking solution.

Security, support and maintenance

We continue to manage the security of the central part of the network and perform hosting tasks, hardware maintenance, systems monitoring and diagnostics.