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Our secure JAVA CMS trusted by organisations to manage their content

Content Control is our open source, JAVA based CMS that has been designed and developed to help organisations manage their content in a secure, and reliable manner. It uses widely adopted and supported open source tools to offer premium features, and after nearly 10 years of continuous improvement is a remarkably stable and user friendly product.

Clients include:

  • National Health Services Scotland
  • The Scottish Government
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority

Features include:

User permission levels

Extremely flexible ACL. You can create as many users or user groups as you want, with upto nearly 60 different permission settings.

Easily extended

Well established design patterns, hundreds of tests and continuous integration ensure the quality of the software.

Multi-level caching

Fast delivery when it matters, with several levels of caching allowing you to fine tune the performance of your website.


Works out of the box over https, with all resources requiring user permissions to access until being explicitly set as publicy accessible.

Intuitive content editing

Efficient and simple content editing with CKEditor, and resource locking to ensure only one editor is working on a resource at any given time.

Automated Versioning

Built in tools automatically version your content, so you can preview the full history of a resource and roll back to the version you want.

SEO friendly URLs

URLs are created in a natural and straightforward way, with content organised hierarchically and reflected in a meaningful pattern.

Scheduled actions

You can manage your content when its best for you, and conveniently schedule changes to what user's can access at any time in the future.

Maximise your content's potential

Content Control has been developed in close collaboration with our clients. All of its features are well tested and currently used in real world applications and websites. We offer bespoke hands-on training and material for each client's specific needs, so you can be confident taking full control of your site and maximise it's potential.

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