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G-Cloud success for Ibexa DXP

We’ve been partnering with Ibexa to offer a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solution for some time, and we’re super pleased to announce that we’ve been successful in getting Ibexa DXP onto G-Cloud 13, strengthening our partnership even further.

G-Cloud is the UK’s digital marketplace for suppliers delivering cloud-based solutions to government institutions and to “public sector adjacent” bodies, like charities and universities. We’re already on G-Cloud with a number of our services and products, and Ibexa DXP will now be added to that list on October 30 2022.

A bit of background on Ibexa DXP

Ibexa started life around the turn of the century as an Open Source CMS solution, and it has retained some of that Open Source ethos two decades on. Since 2021, we’ve been partnering with Ibexa, the supplier of a composable DXP solution to the B2B market. 

Ibexa DXP has deep roots in content management, offers seamless integration with core business systems, and speeds up the creation and design of new websites. The technology often takes centre stage in the digital transformation of medium to large organisations that are migrating a multiplicity of websites and website content to a single back-end – exactly the type of project that many of our public sector clients are now considering.

As the name suggests, DXPs are tools to build great digital experiences to optimise customer and stakeholder engagement. This is an area where a lot of our clients, especially in the public sector, feel they need to do better. Constrained by the limitations of their legacy CMS’s, they often ask us to develop functionalities that Ibexa DXP offers out-of-the-box. That was the logic behind our partnership with a DXP vendor. 

But why Ibexa DXP?

The reason that we chose to partner with Ibexa as our DXP supplier, was part-technological, part-commercial, and part-cultural. 

Ibexa DXP is a composable DXP, which means that there’s a lot of flexibility around what's implemented and when. This makes it attractive commercially because you can stagger your investment, as well as your digital progress. Technologically, the Ibexa DXP is second to none, and its main strength is content agility, where it also delivers considerable ROI as content workflows are automated, simplified, and speeded up.

Also, the product guys at Ibexa DXP are interested in what we have to say, and are serious about implementing our suggestions. At CIVIC, we’re passionate about accessibility; we advocate it in everything that we do, making sure that it’s at the forefront of every project we deliver. As such, we encouraged Ibexa DXP to extend accessibility to their back-end product and we’re pleased to say that this is happening in the next version release of the software, making Ibexa DXP the first platform to be fully compliant with UK and EU legislation in this area.

Where G-Cloud plays a role

While we can market Ibexa DXP to the public sector without a G-Cloud listing, its absence from the list could – and in many cases would – be an obstacle for public sector procurement officers, even if they were fully convinced of the platform’s merits.

Obviously we don’t want to give anyone a reason to opt for an inferior solution, just because public sector procurement is such a headache. G-Cloud was invented to simplify the process, as the solutions on the digital marketplace have to some extent been ‘vetted’ and pre-qualified. It also means that procurement officers can shift their focus from the reliability of the vendor to the requirements of their digital project.

Procurement officers unfamiliar with Ibexa, will now come across the solution in their G-Cloud search; those with experience of the platform and convinced it’s the right technology for their requirements, can conclude the procurement formalities in a matter of days, instead of weeks or even months.

You would expect the functional merits of Ibexa DXP and its attractive price point to always win the day, but you can’t be certain of that. Some public sector organisations won’t even consider a cloud-based software product unless it’s on G-Cloud. By including Ibexa DXP on the digital marketplace we remove this potential barrier.

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