Advanced case management software for central and local government

Sophisticated software to make managing process driven transactions easy

Process management is critical to the flow of work and operations for many organisations, though it is often manual, plagued by delays and errors. This way of working simply does not provide management with the visibility required to improve the way in which their business works.

Our Case and Workflow Management platform can enhance a variety of process and case oriented operations, including service requests, incident management, investigations, applications and other regulated process driven transactions.

Based on advanced case, document, and process management software; our solution helps to keep track of critical business information in one secure location. It delivers a unique focus on usability, with new or infrequent users able to familiarise themselves quickly and begin working immediately.

Relevant information and context-aware guidance increases the efficiency of all users, though it is invaluable in helping experienced users comply with fast changing business demands, policies and legislative changes without sacrificing productivity or quality.

Highly configurable, secure and scalable solution for 20 years

To support dynamic change, the platform offers highly configurable process management. This enables easy re-configuration of structured processes and a high degree of rule based automation, as well as powerful ad-hoc process support.

Our Case Management offering is based on the proven GoPro Advanced Case and Workflow Management technology, which is a 4th generation low-code, high configuration, secure and scalable advanced case and workflow framework for development.

Proven with over 20 years of delivering advanced business solutions to Government and Financial Services organisations across Europe and North America.

Highly specialised ISO27001, ISO9001 certified service

We are a GoPro Premier partner and offer highly specialised ISO27001, ISO9001 certified professional services to enable organisations to design, implement, deploy, host and support the GoPro Case Management System.

We can also provide the relevant licences required for the GoPro system to operate, although for Government these can be sourced from a number of standing agreements and we can advise on how to access these existing licence sources.

If you're interested in how Case Managent software might help your business, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to give you more information.

Go Pro Premium Partner