Secure and scalable ISO27001 hosting

Longevitas offer leading-edge software for modelling and analysing demographic risks, including mortality, longevity, critical illness, lapses and persistency. Clients include insurers, reinsurers, investment banks and consulting actuaries.

Security and availability is paramount to the sensitive nature of information handled. Given the nature and volume of data from clients, a large amount of disk space and computation is required. They required a hosting partner that was able to deliver the level of security and scalability required in an ISO27001 hosted environment.

Custom Requirements

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Secure, highly encrypted VPN

Custom Virtual Private Networks with high-grade encryption provide transport security, multi-tier firewalling providing protection from intrusion.

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Tight access control

Intrusion detection and redundant diagnostics and monitoring systems watch over physical and virtual computers for anything unexpected on a 24×7 basis.

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Double encrypted backups

All data is backed up on doubly-encrypted (double-blind) storage media and archived off site.

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Support and maintenance

We continue to offer support and maintenance, including hosting tasks, hardware maintenance, systems monitoring and diagnostics.

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Software and application development

We’re working with the Longevitas development team to develop and support their Java based suite of products.

Redundant infrastructure

High-availability redundant storage on a separate, redundant switching fabric handles the bandwidth, capacity and availability needs of the application. A number of high power hypervisors cover the computation needs. Virtual Machines are used to partition the resources and isolate each Longevitas client from others.

This allows client offerings to be scaled up or down as required. The hypervisors are redundant and VMs can be pivoted to another hypervisor in the unlikely case of a hardware failure that causes loss of service.