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New Cookie Control user area

Our new user area has now been released! It offers advanced account management features that help you find and do what you need to faster. We’ve also added a new design to match the look and feel of our branding. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it!

Within the new user area you can now add new licences from within your account without having to register again.

All your subscriptions/plans owned by the same email address are now merged into one and you can access and manage all your licences on the same page using one set of credentials.

The second phase of the new user area to be released before the end of this year will provide visual Cookie Control configuration using buttons and toggles, rather than working with the script directly – a feature especially useful for business users.

Here's a guide on how things work in the new user area:

1. Login to the new user area

User Area Access

2. View the new menu categories

  • Licences: List of all your existing licences registered with the same account owner email address
  • Domains: Domains managed by each licence that you own
  • Account Details: Your account owner email address and the documentation and support options available
Licenses/ Domains/ Account Details

3. Licence view

You can view the API key for this licence, the renewal date, toggle the consent recording ON/OFF, update your payment details, view your invoice history and download your previous invoices.


4. Licence view -> Update payment details

You can change the card connected to each licence. To do that, you'll need:

  • The card numbers
  • The expiration date (MM/YY)
  • The CVC

5. Licence view -> View invoice history

You can check your invoicing history and download past invoices.


6. Domains view

View and change or delete the domains assigned on each of your licences. ‘Undo Changes’ removes the changes done before you click on ‘Update’. You can also request the consent report for each domain separately if ‘Consent Logging’ is enabled under ‘Licences’. You can also select the dates from the calendar and trigger the report generation process.


7. Domains view -> Consent report

If you've already requested a consent report, the ‘Consent report’ column changes to the following:


8. Domains view -> Download consent report

When your report is available, it'll be there upon clicking on the relevant tab. Also, there’s a tooltip to display the information you need to know about the consent report format.

If you need support or have anything to ask or comment on, please contact us at: and we'll get back to you the soonest!

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