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CIVIC works with EU partners to achieve ERASMUS+ goals!

In other blog posts, we told you about a wide variety of ERASMUS+ projects that we at CIVIC are excited to be leading, but there are many more projects that we are participating in led by other organisations across the EU. Read on to find out about some of the projects we have been supporting!

Adults, Data And Emerging Identities - AUDID

AUDID’s goal, under the leadership of the Croatia-based Business School PAR, is to educate adults about the dangers of online identities, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets to improve safety and security while browsing. The aim is to achieve this by developing a dynamic demonstrator alongside a curriculum and pedagogical approach, with open badges to recognise success!

Enabling The Potential Of Handicraft CRAFT 4.0 - CRAFT 4.0

Technological University Dublin, based in Ireland, leads the Craft 4.0 project in creating training tools and a peer network for craftspeople in the area of digital modelling and digital additive manufacturing. We’re hoping to fulfil this goal through an interactive e-learning environment, again with open badges to show success.

Fostering The Adoption Of ICT-Enabled AMTs By European SMEs - FAME

FAME, led by ECAM-EPMI of France, is trying to support SMEs in developing advanced manufacturing technologies through a training programme and support tools available online, alongside a personalised approach. It will include a virtual AMT Adoption Assistant for personalised training and a skills retention service.

Imprinting Quality To Entrepreneurship Education – INQUAL

Portugal-based Instituto Pedro Nunes leads the INQUAL project, aimed at improving the quality of vocational, and in particular entrepreneurship, education. INQUAL aims to achieve this through the development of a common reference framework, a description of competences and skills for required for quality managers and recommendations on how to implement the system.

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