Enterprise error investigation for financial institutions, government and legal teams.

Advanced fraud investigation and prevention software (AFIP)

By partnering with GoPro and using Case and Workflow technologies, we have added an Enterprise Fraud and Error investigation management solution to our portfolio of applications.

This Advance Fraud Investigation and Prevention solution (AFIP) enables the aggregation of any type of content or activity relating to a fraud “Investigation” across multiple, and in most organisations previously siloed, departments, including external stakeholders.

By reinforcing the investigation process, the solution serves as a system record for compliance, and helps facilitate successful outcomes, sanctions and prosecutions. This increased investigation efficiency drives down the threshold for when its viable to investigate cases of smaller value, and helps increase potential returns of investment across the organisation.

Go Pro Premium Partner

Increased efficiency and security with one central system

AFIP is a case management solution that provides one central system for organising documents, managing evidence, sharing information, and collaborating with team members.

Integration options for popular 3rd party software, including open source and proprietary productivity applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, and SharePoint; allows organisations to seamlessly introduce the solution with the systems they already depend on. While optimised usability features such as an intuitive user interface furthers the rapid deployment and uptake of the solution, with caseworkers able to adopt AFIP and transition between case files easily, without having to disrupt their daily routines.

This innovative application software is the most powerful off-the-shelf case management solution available commercially. It is used by Government Tax & Benefits Agencies, Local Authorities, Law Enforcement, Judiciary systems, Regulatory and Investigative bodies, and Financial Services organisations to manage fraud referrals and investigations.

An example of where AFIP has been deployed is a Supranational Government Financial Institution, with 100 offices around the world. Initially deployed for fraud investigation, it has recently extended its use to 6 previously siloed business functions, and integrated core business systems from SAP and PeopleSoft to make exploiting previous organisational vulnerabilities increasingly more difficult.

Enhance your fraud management capabilities

We would be delighted to share more detail on the capabilities and purpose of AFIP. If you're interested in knowing more about why and where it's being used, or how we can enhance the Investigation element of your Fraud management capabilities, then please get in touch.