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Using technology as a learning tool

Our team's passionate about the possibilities of educational technologies. This is why we're part of multiple Erasmus+ projects that create digital tools that help children and adults develop their skills and expand their knowledge of multiple topics.

Some of our new Erasmus+ projects are:


EPITOME wants to inspire and support Higher Education Institutes by using online problem-based learning activities that were until now, only available in the classroom. The EPITOME team will design activities and challenges, develop a handbook focused on problem-based learning activities through Minecraft, and create a custom Minecraft World.


E-Privacing will encourage the use of digital technologies in schools across Europe. At the same time, the project will suggest tools and methods to protect individuals online privacy and personal data. During the project, partners will design, implement, and disseminate a forward thinking training program facilitated by three tools, the e-Privacing roadmap, the e-Privacing guide and the online portal.

Breaking Weight Bias

Breaking weight bias addresses the issue of weight bias in the healthcare sector. The project partners will develop a training course for healthcare professionals that makes them aware of the impact of weight bias and weight-related discrimination. It'll also give them the tools to provide the best possible support for their patients.


HerTour4youth empowers young job seekers in the field of heritage tourism by helping them develop their digital design skills. The project will create a hands-on digital course and a virtual facilitator to train hundreds of young heritage tourism professionals.


Brand4Careers will deliver a personalised training tool that'll support young individuals to learn more about personal branding and career management. The project aims to help participants develop and maintain a strong personal brand and become more competitive in the labour market.


DIGIER’s focus is to raise awareness on the importance of digital transborder entrepreneurship among employees of Chambers of Commerce, Regional Development Agencies, and Local Authorities. The team will develop a guide on digital transborder entrepreneurship strategies and an online mobile application for entrepreneurs.


ACT4WOMEN aspires to help women from rural or marginalised areas to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into a business. This'll be achieved through interactive learning tools that'll support these women by developing their entrepreneurial and digital skills.

Second chance for colibri birds

Second chance for colibri birds is a project for women between the ages 18 to 64, who aren't working or studying. The aim of the project is to create an online learning platform that'll support and empower them.  

Readjusting to Life

Readjusting to Life focuses on helping people with acquired disabilities. The team are working on developing a digital guide that'll support social inclusivity for people with acquired disabilities and their families. The guide will be fully accessible and include a range of resources and information on acquired disabilities.


If you're interested in participating in any of the above projects, feel free to contact us mentioning the project you're interested in.