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The importance of cooperation

CIVIC has been collaborating, coordinating, and implementing various projects for the past five years. During these years, we've had the opportunity to collaborate with organisations, institutes, universities, and schools throughout Europe and implement innovative practices at local and regional levels.

All the projects to date that we've been involved in have ended up with excellent results and positive long-lasting effects. We've learnt so much, and every project is special, not only because of the difference they make, but because of the people involved in it.

To build a house you start by building the foundation. Every project so far has been developed and completed based on mutual respect and understanding, communication, and solidarity. We managed, with the cooperation of all partners, to create free and open platforms, tools and guides available to the public. We did this using the principles and priorities of the Erasmus+ program by sharing ideas, data and best practices, to diverse subject areas. We produced innovative, high-quality deliverables and at the same time, we strengthened the relationship between research and management by providing enormous expertise to the participating organisations' staff.

One of the most significant reasons that the projects were successful, was that partnerships were developed with organisations and companies outside the country's borders. Dialogue at international level is fundamental for high-quality collaboration with organisations worldwide, and cross-border cooperation always increases the efficacy of initiatives for the benefit of local communities and the wider area, while also teaching us how to deal with those who face geographic and socioeconomic inequalities. All of this is possible by utilising European reference tools for the recognition, validation, and transparency of competencies and qualifications.

Seeing things from different perspectives can lead to more productivity

As already mentioned, each project is unique. For instance, Brand4Careers aims to assist young adults in building their personal brand. During the project we built a CV Generator and we prepared a guide on Personal Branding.

PEACOC instead aims to address the issue of low uptake of e-commerce opportunities in the construction sector by creating a training course that will offer practical and actionable ways for smaller or medium-sized construction enterprises.

ACT4WOMEN focuses on how to help women living in rural areas to acquire entrepreneurial, digital, communication and leadership skills in order for them to learn how to promote, distribute, and sell products through upgrading the “home-based business model” into start-ups or social enterprises.

Inter-organisational activities revolve around collaboration, coordination, and cooperation. We can achieve our goals and face common challenges together, removing barriers. The exchange of knowledge and practices can improve communication tools and lead to the development of solutions to global challenges. We try to identify common challenges in order to find common solutions.

We can work together for a more sustainable future by collaborating across borders.

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These projects are co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme from EU.