Digital products

We develop innovative, usable products that address our clients’ needs. Take a look at a few examples, such as the very popular Cookie Control.

Cookie Control

We developed Cookie Control to help websites with EU cookie law compliance. It’s completely free, and it’s now used by 500,000 sites.

Content Control

This is our customisable, secure and low-cost open source content management system. You can use it on IE, Firefox or Safari, on Windows, Solaris, Linux or OSX.


The new, flexible and powerful user generated content engine. Ffora allows you define content, create threaded topics and embed this on any web page.

Contact Whatever you need

If you have a question or query about the services we offer or what we can do for your business, call us on 0131 624 9830 or email


We describe Ffora as a “fully amorphous user generated content engine”, but it's perhaps simpler to think of it as a cross between Disqus and Revoo. The SQA are currently using it to power an online community that allows users to comment on, rate and share links to open-source learning and teaching materials.

More information coming soon.