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Below is some Frequently Asked Questions:

Anchor point for Demo request

If you want to try the tool out, we recommend that you either download the Community edition and check the basic functionalities or download the PRO edition and if it doesn't meet your needs we can refund your payment back to your account if you notify us within 14 days from the purchase.

Anchor point for Cookie Control data collection and storage

Cookie Control does a call back to our servers with your API key and domain in order to verify the license is valid, but no data is collected on this call.

We do offer the option to record user consent data. You can do that through the user area, under "Licences" by toggling on "Consent Logging". The data we collect in that case have the sole purpose of being able to prove a user has consented in the past as required by GDPR, and we don't process it in any other way or disclose it to anyone. If you enable that, on both consenting and revoking of consent, this is the information we store:

  • A 36-character UUID string uniquely identifying the user's browser access,

  • The categories to which the user has consented (or not),

  • The date and time of the request,

  • The anonymised IP of the user,

  • The user agent,

  • The URL the request came from

When you opt to enable this consent recording, you need to accept our Data Processing Agreement first, which you can review here.

Anchor point for Cookies Set By Cookie Control

When a user interacts with the module, their consent is recorded as a first party cookie to remember that decision.

In version 8.0, the name of that cookie will be dependent on the name set in the configuration for that category; and only added after the user opts in.

In version 8.1, the introduction of lawfulBasis has meant that the module needs to remember when a user revoke's consent as well, so we have simplified the cookies the module may set to a single one, named CookieControl. This is still a first party cookie, used only to remember the user's preferences on your domain, and lasts for as long the consentCookieExpiry defined in your configuration (defaults to 90 days if not set).

In version 9.0 onwards, if you are using the IAB TCF v2 version of Cookie Control, a cookie named CookieControlTC will be placed.

Anchor point for API Validation and domains

Cookie Control will attempt to verify your apiKey and product automatically against the current domain that its being run on to ensure your license is being used as intended.

For community editions, only the single domain that you registered will pass; for example or

For pro editions, the single domain that you registered will pass, along with any subdomains; for example or

For pro multisite editions, all domains that you have registered will pass, along with any subdomains.

If you have already registered, you can check what domain(s) we hold against your licence, and add more by signing in to your user account. Should you wish to upgrade your licence to enable subdomain or multiple domain support, the cost of your current license will be refunded from the amount due.

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Anchor point for Open Support Ticket

If the above did not help, users with an active paid subscription can open a ticket with our support team and we'll give you a unique ticket number to track the solution's progress.

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