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  • Added support for The Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2 when running in IAB TCF mode.
  • Added support for Google's Additional Consent Mode when running in IAB TCF mode.
  • Added support to limit the number of vendors you seek consent for when running in IAB TCF mode.
  • Extended IAB text object to customise heading and descriptions of TCF v2.2 policies and Google's Additional Consent Mode Vendors.
  • IAB translations updated to include all available languages in TCF 2.2.
  • Updated CCPA behaviour to acknowledge and respect Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal if present.
  • Updated ccpaConfig with new default values and ability to customise language of objection button.
  • Updated IAB disclosures display to support additional details, such as multiple domains set by vendor.
  • Improved accessibility support by removing access key attribute from corner button by default.
  • Improved accessibility support for notify display when zoomed in on small viewports.
  • Minor fixes to prevent indexing of icons by search engines.
  • Outlining of elements in focus will now be enabled by default to increase accessibility.
  • Enhanced accessibility by preventing scrolling on background elements whilst the module is open.
  • Improved aria labelling of elements.
  • Revised heading order for organisation.
  • Buttons now have more informative default labels.
  • Accessibility improvements for notify bar.
  • Added support to automatically associate and activate inline iframes, media or scripts that are not enabled by default via optionalCategories. Please see this example for more information.
  • Added support for TCF v2.0 Policies and Technical Specification changes to signal consent for vendors who have registered only for Special Purpose(s).
  • Updated TCF v2.0 Ping Return `displayStatus` value depending on whether the panel is visible.
  • Updated default value for SameSiteValue to "Lax" to avoid vendor bugs when processing "Strict" SameSite cookies.
  • Added support for TCF v2.0 Policies and Technical Specification changes to require disclosure of storage duration (Planet49 ruling).
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added support for LGPD legislation, by adding the vendors property to list vendors individually for each category.
  • Added new text properties for vendors: showVendors, thirdPartyCookies and readMore.
  • Added outline property to the Accessibility Object to allow users to use the default browser outline.
  • Added closeText and closeBackground options within the Branding Object to allow changing the styling of the "Close" button (if used).
  • Added notifyFontColor and notifyBackgorundColor options within the Branding Object to allow changing the styling of notify interface (if used).
  • Added fullLegalDescriptions and dropDowns properties in the iabConfig object to make the IAB view more concise.
  • Added legalDescription text property for the updated IAB interface.
  • Added saveOnlyOnClose property in the iabConfig object.
  • Added the ability to localise the statement and CCPA URLs.
  • The styling of the "Accept recommended settings" button is now consistent with the styling of the "Accept" button.
  • Removed deprecation notice from the geoTest function.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added setInnerHTML option to allow HTML content within text properties..
  • Added overlay option within Accessibility Object.
  • Corrected the eventStatus of TCData to be ‘cmpuishown’ only when the settings panel is open. This change only applies to those who have enabled iabCMP.
  • Added notifyDismissButton option to hide the X close icon on the notify bar.
  • Added sameSiteValue property to control the value of the SameSite flag for the CookieControl cookie.
  • Added some legal texts required by IAB TCFv2.0.
  • Support for IAB TCF v2.0. Support for v1.1 has been dropped since it is to be depreciated by IAB at the end of March 2020; certain IAB related public methods have been removed and the iabCMP text object has been updated accordingly.
  • It is no longer necessary to set optionalCookies when in iab mode since IAB purposes will be the first panel settings.
  • Support for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Cookie Control can work in either GDPR or CCPA mode based on the user's location.
  • Added new box option for the initialState property.
  • Added sameSiteCookie property, to control whether SameSite:Strict is set to the CookieControl cookie. Setting this to false would mean Cookie Control can only work over HTTPS.
  • Added acceptBehaviour property to control the behaviour of "Accept" buttons. They now default to accepting all cookies. Please note that this is different from the behaviour of v8 where only recommended cookies were accepted
  • Added locale property so that the selected locale is customisable. It still defaults to the user's browser language.
  • Added closeOnGlobalChange property so that the there is control on whether the window should close or remain open when the user accepts/rejects cookies.
  • Added branding sub-properties that control the styling of the reject buttons.
  • Added acceptAll, rejectAll functions. deprecated notifyAccept, notifyReject and notifyDismiss functions.
  • Deprecated geoTest function, as the locales can now be used for locale specific settings.
  • Removed postConsentRecord function.
  • Added changeCategory function, to change consent of a cookie category to a particular state.
  • Accessibility improvements and bug fixes.
  • All apikeys now work under the following local addresses: localhost,,,,
  • Added accessibility markup to the IAB TCF v1.1. iframe.
  • Resolved occasional RangeError issue.
  • Added SameSite=Strict flag to the CookieControl cookie.
  • Accessibility improvements for screen readers.
  • Accessibilty improvement preventing users to "tab" out of the popup when it's open.
  • Fix bug with purging consent state due to the updated date of the statement object.
  • The onLoad callback will now run even when the widget is hidden due to geolocation.
  • Added getCategoryConsent function to get the consent state of a particular category..
  • Added geoTest function to get geolocation information prior to loading the module.
  • Added top option for the initialState property, which is similar to notify but will display a bar at the top of the page.
  • Added support for IAB TCF v1.1.
  • Added new behaviour to 'Reject All' cookie categories.
  • Added alternative appearance styles for the notify bar's settings button.
  • Added encodeCookie property to better support RFC standards and certain types of server processing.
  • Added subDomains property to offer more flexibility on how user consent is recorded..
  • Extended public methods with notifyReject() and postConsentrecord().
  • Added alternative closing and toggle styles for the module.
  • Improved accessibility support.
  • Added support for more flexible lawful basis processing: legitimate interest.
  • Renamed initialConsentState to recommendedState so that it was intuitive.
  • Extended the branding options available.
  • Simplified the module's Cookie Footprint, and removed need for localStorage.
  • Automatically convert invalid cookie name's from user settings to valid alternatives.
  • Added onLoad property.
  • Extended public methods with saveCookie() and geoInfo().
  • Original GDPR Compliant Release
  • Simplified UI options
  • No dependencies
  • Polyfills for anything below IE11 removed.
* Please note, Subresource integrity is available on all versions, though we may update beta versions without warning to resolve certain user feedback. The latest URL will be updated periodically to incorporate the latest stable release.