Cookie Control is the original, universal solution for compliance with cookie legislation

Cookie Control Option 1 - The original fly-out interface

Option 1: The original fly-out interface

Trusted by users Customise Cookie Control Intuitive opt-in Inform your users
Cookie Control Option 2 - Push-down bar

Option 2: Push-down bar

All the standard Easily Extended Intuitive opt-in
Cookie Control Option 3 - Float up bar

Option 3: Float up bar

Bar Interface Easily Extended
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They use Cookie Control

What is Cookie Control?

With an elegant  user-interface that doesn't hurt the look and feel of your site, Cookie Control is a mechanism for controlling user consent for the use of cookies on their computer.

Cookie Control has been proudly developed by CIVIC. We're experts in compliance, usability and technical development, and we're here to help.

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Why use Cookie Control?

Because recent legislation requires websites to obtain explicit consent before leaving behind or reading files (mostly cookies) on your user's computers, you need to make the use of cookies on your website very obvious to users. Cookie Control does just that, presenting users with clear information on whether cookies are present, linking to your privacy policy (where you should have specific information about what cookies are in use), and advising users on how to adjust browser settings and what cookies mean for them. Review the Information Commissioner's advice (PDF), or continue reading to find out more about our underlying rationale for Cookie Control.

Cookie Control Modules

Modules are available for all of the popular content management systems, making it even easier to implement and customise the latest version of Cookie Control on your website.

Download: Cookie Control for Drupal 7 | Cookie Control for Drupal 8 | Cookie Control for Joomla | Cookie Control for Wordpress

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