We developed a big, successful digital campaign for Skyscanner.

We have built lots of digital goodies for Skyscanner, like animation and templates, bespoke development and campaigns, and coding for their CMS.

We developed a big, successful digital campaign for Skyscanner.

Skyscanner asked us to develop lots of digital goodies for them, like animation and templates, bespoke development and campaigns, and coding for their content management system. Oh, we host and support their entire service too. All this was (and still is) delivered on time, on spec and on budget (well, naturally).

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Full digital campaign

Skyscanner wanted to show their customers the future. As we’re still working on time travel, we developed the ‘Future of Travel’ campaign instead. Incorporating banner ads, videos and social media, the campaign generated 40,000+ visits to the campaign site (300% of target).

The media started describing Skyscanner as a travel brand, rather than just being about flights. Social media reached 50,000 on Facebook, 25,000 impressions on LinkedIn and 500,000 Twitter accounts with 400 Tweets.

Skyscanner were on page 1 of Google for ‘future of travel’ within a month. And email sign-ups were 100% over the target.

CMS support and implementation

Skyscanner’s formidable Drupal content management system contains millions of pages, across 27 countries and languages. So it needs love and attention to keep it sharp. Not only do we maintain it, we’re also constantly developing new features to keep it effective.

Responsive infographic design

This was no ordinary infographic. It showed Skyscanner’s customers the best time to book. It integrated into Skyscanner’s application programming interface, and could be included on any website. We also made it a responsive design, which could render on any device. And we delivered it in 20 different markets and languages.

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