We’re the digital agency for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We provide the SQA with a complete service, from designs and editorial content to digital marketing, hosting, training and support.

Cookie legislation

To help keep SQA’s sites compliant with the latest cookie legislation, we’ve applied our Cookie Control interface. 

It does the job, without hurting the overall look of the site. We don’t even charge for it – you can download if for your site, if you like. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

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We’re all human, and sometimes we lose stuff – yes, even smart graduates. So SQA are often asked for replacement certificates, which raises the issue of covering costs. The answer was to create an eShop for SQA, making the whole process easy. More than 7000 orders have been placed on it at the time of writing.

Digital design services

All of SQA’s sites offer a fully responsive experience, meaning they look good on a mobile or desktop device. SQA takes advantage of our UX design services too. We even wrote a communications style guide for them, to help with preparing content for print or online use.

Content management system

SQA’s sites run on Content Control, our secure and flexible content management system.

Website development

Our final product for SQA includes mapping applications, career planners, a timetable builder, a fully accessible and database driven menu system, fully upgradeable image galleries using JQuery, an e-commerce application, custom search functionality, user generated content and a customisable homepage with drag and drop functionality. Phew.

User experience (UX)

We took SQA’s site through thorough user research, including focus groups, interviews and surveys. And being a large site, we carried out a large scale information architecture exercise, organising the 50,000+ pages of content according to user needs.

We then carried out several rounds of usability testing, making sure every aspect of their site worked across all devices, along with an accessibility audit to make sure everything complied with WCAG and W3C guidelines.

Contact Whatever you need

If you have a question or query about the services we offer or what we can do for your business, call us on 0131 624 9830 or email info@civicuk.com