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Cookie and GDPR compliance

Our Cookie Control tool is trusted by thousands of organisations and seen by millions of users... every day. It’s GDPR and CCPA compatible, simple and intuitive, and puts users in control.

Cookie Control stops cookies being placed on a user’s device until they give explicit consent. It’s recognised by its distinctive icon.

GDPR and CCPA compliance

GDPR is the regulatory framework that protects people’s online data in the EU – and rules will be just as strict in the UK after Brexit. Cookie Control helps organisations comply with GDPR and the worldwide impact of the new California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). It’s a certified consent management platform for TCF v2.0 by IAB Europe.

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Features of Cookie Control

Customisable cookie categories

Keeps visitors informed about the type of cookies used. Can be customised to help visitors make informed decisions about different cookie types.

Opt-out support

Some third-party plugins use their own domain to add cookies. Cookie Control keeps users informed and provides the means of control.

Branding and styling

Clients can use Cookie Control’s design themes or restyle the platform to align with their own website’s look and feel.


Cookie Control allows clients to configure our effective GDPR compliance solution in the way that best suits their needs.

Flexible API

Cookie Control offers a flexible API that makes adding it to your site easy regardless of your platform.

Sub-domains (PRO)

Cookie Control can provide consolidated user consent functionality for complicated websites with multiple sub-domains.

Geolocation (PRO)

Use Cookie Control’s advanced functions to detect where users are, and choose whether or not to display GDPR notifications.

Multi-lingual (PRO)

Cookie Control can detect a user’s preferred language, wherever they are in the world, and display text accordingly.

Implement and customise

Cookie Control is available as a standalone JavaScript module, and has no third-party dependencies. Our platform has been informed by our deep understanding of worldwide data protection legislation, and has been developed in close collaboration with our clients (and their unique perspectives and user needs). All features have been thoroughly tested and are already used in real-world applications.

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Find out how Cookie Control is installed and configured

Cookie Control can be installed on any CMS that supports custom JavaScript, and is available as a Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress module.

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