User testing

We’re thorough, and we like to make sure that everything we do for you is appropriate for your audience. Or perhaps you’ve got an existing site and you want to discover how hard (or not) it’s working. Well, we conduct user experience tests to make sure your website is appropriate for your users. And we’re very, very thorough.

Usability and accessibility testing

The best way to discover how well your website works is to watch and analyse real users interacting with it. We can perform user tests at our lab, at your offices, at users’ homes or even remotely, using an online tool.

We’ll recruit users who fit your audience, and interview them. Then we’ll create tasks for them and moderate the test sessions, capturing success rates in finding information, ratings of satisfaction and ease of use.

We also record detailed information on where and why usability and accessibility issues arise, and how significant an impact these have on the user experience.

Usability and accessibility testing

Expert evaluations

Our UX experts conduct both usability and accessibility evaluations based on best practice guides, criteria and checklists. They evaluate the overall experience of using your digital platform, drawing on their expertise and practical experience.

The process also calls on well-established heuristics, automated accessibility tools and manual code checks, using assistive technologies such as screen readers (UX experts love all that stuff).

After all that, we’ll be able to give you a comprehensive report of our findings, along with suggestions for how to improve your product. So you’ll know exactly whether your site is giving you good value for money or not.

Expert evaluations

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