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Advanced Grant Management Software (AGM)

Managing Grant disbursements can be complex. From availability announcement, to assessment and award; the activation and monitoring lifecycle requires a high degree of collaboration, involving many stakeholders in a secure and auditable way. This is especially true for highly regulated areas such as research and development.

By partnering with GoPro, we can provide Advanced Gant Management (AGM) - a system platform for both Grant and Research Grant management. This technology is used by clients such as the University of Oxford to manage their Grant portfolio. 

Go Pro Premium Partner

Easy set up and management with AGM

AGM applications are easy to set-up and manage. The Stakeholder Portal offers all applicants a secure individual sign-in so that they can apply for grants, send in requested documents, and monitor the status of their grants, wherever they have access to an internet connection. The safety of this environment ensures regulatory compliance, whilst optimising and enabling efficiency.

Some of the notable benefits of working with AGM include:


Highly configurable

AGM typically delivers 85% of user requirements 'out of the box', with additional requirements being easily configured.


Increased quality of data

Unclutted, dynamic and adaptive UI improves productivity, with context-aware guidance helping to reduce errors.


Secure end-to-end processing

Extends case collaboration securely, with end-to-end processing from application to completion.


Built in support for popular apps.

Integration with 3rd party systems, ERP and Office applications.


Easily extended

Administrators can configure functionality to action business changes


Improved outcomes with specialist feedback

Specialist knowledge of European Structural Funds and granular audit functionality to improve outcomes.

Enhance your grant management solution

If you're interested in how Advanced Grant Managent software might help your business, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to give you more information.