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We have received a number of requests regarding a Joomla module. We are hoping that the community will develop one as it happened for Drupal and Wordpress.
We've been informed recently that a member of the community is developing one so we are hoping that this will be available soon.   In the mean time it is very easy to get Cookie Control on any Joomla site.

What you need to do is the following:  

Step one:

First you need to add the generated code from the website into the index.php of your template. So for example if your theme is ja_purity you need to add it in templates/ja_purity/index.php.  

Step two:

Upload the Cookie Control JS file somewhere that is accessible and update the  path to it in templates/ja_purity/index.php    That's all  

If it doesn't work first time, most likely, the Javascript in "Cookie Control" is clashing with one or more other types of Javascript installed
on your website - you could have a slideshow, or mootools menu, and so on.


So we suggest install one of the following plugins to fix that:

  •  for Joomla v1.5.xx, the plugin at:

  •  for Joomla v1.7.xx - v2.5.xx, probably the one at:

Also, there's a useful list at:


Important: in the plugin you use above, set the Jquery version to at least v1.4.4 although we recommend using the latest version.



Here is a very useful guide on implementing Cookie Control on Joomla sites courtesy of

Click here to view it.

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