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  • Cookie Control is brought to you by Civic Computing Ltd, generally known as  "CIVIC".
  • The Cookie Control name, logo, and code is copyright of "CIVIC", as is the content on this website.
  • Cookie Control is provided free of charge and without warranty or guarantees of any kind. We've undertaken some reasonable testing with Cookie Control but it's still possible that in some browser configurations problems could come up.
  • We're helpful and friendly, and we'll rectify any issues if we can but are under no legal or moral obligation to do so.
  • You're free to use Cookie Control on as many websites as you like.
  • You can customise Cookie Control to your liking, but please retain the Cookie Control icons, name and a link to Cookie Control.
  • We do care about our intellectual property and will take action if you pass the solution off as your own.
  • We do not accept any liability for non-compliance with EU / UK legislation. Cookie Control alone may not be enough to guarantee compliance with regulations and responsibility for this is not ours.

When is legal advice not legal advice?

Certainly when you read it on the Cookie Control website. You can't get away with a writing style as flippant as this AND be a qualified lawyer.

We've taken pains to have the solution assessed for compliance with the legislation by legal experts (who say it's fine) and as non-lawyers we think it fits the bill. But the fact remains, we're not lawyers. 

We recommend that you read the ICO guidance for yourself and take action on the basis of that.

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