We think we’re a unique digital agency

We combine our expertise in user experience, design and the really technical stuff to build for your user. Not many digital agencies can offer all that.

HELLOWhat we're about

Okay, we know ‘unique’ is a big boast, but we think we’ve got a legitimate claim. We’re in the fortunate position of having experts from the fields of user experience, design and the really technical side of digital all working together.

Not many digital agencies can offer you this combination, and it's kept us busy since 1994. We’ve even helped set global standards, with clever ideas like Cookie Control.

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AUDIENCEHow we approach digital

When you're searching the web trying to find a digital agency to work with, it's hard to get a feel for what working with that agency will be like. Well if we had a mantra carved about our door, it would be 'Digital is all about the user'.

We constantly refine and look at feedback (using Agile methodologies, if you're interested) until we can give your users just what they want. Of course we realise every job (and every user) is different. So please feel free to contact us and chat through what you need.


Clients People we work with

  • SQA
  • Scottish Government
  • Google
  • l'Oreal

Contact Whatever you need

If you have a question or query about the services we offer or what we can do for your business, call us on 0131 624 9830 or email info@civicuk.com